By William Freericks

What is Netiquette?

Netiquette is a word which describes good behavior on the internet. It particularly refers to how people should act on the internet. This applies to almost every aspect of the internet including, writing and publishing code. It can also converge with accessibility specifically in how they both often share similar goals. For example, both often value user experience when creating websites.


Poorly Formated Code

  • Taxes and Fees $ <%%= total_p_fee.toFixed(2) %>
  • Examples:

    Properly Formated Code


    Various approaches to Netiquette.

    Different people have different approaches to Netiquette. For example, in South Korea it is considered bad to “excessively refute” something that someone posts online. Whereas, in other countries that wouldn’t be considered as a form of negative behavior. Some may also view Netiquette as a tool for organized ways to communicate with other people. Others, may view Netiquette as something that describes what someone ought to do and not do on the internet.

    Why is Netiquette Important?

    Netiquette is important because it can both be used as a tool for organizing ways to communicate with other people and as guide for what people should and shouldn’t do on the internet. Learning about Netiquette would be very important for people who haven’t had much experience using the internet, such as little kids. Because of this teaching people about Netiquette could be used as a way to get people interested in technology.

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